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Once in a Generation...

Although her dad, Dave Ryan, is a familiar face often seen coaching Team Renegade at some of the World's biggest tournaments, his daughter, Shannon Ryan, was THE force to be reckoned with in ladies pointfighting for a number of years.

If you want to improve your movement and speed whilst retaining your power, then Shannon's new videos are what you should be watching. A unique style taught by a fighter who uses hands and feet in equal measure, not only helping you to develop your movement, punching and kicking but showing you how to build control and strength within your training regime. Just watch her promo video and you will see what an incredible fighter she is and how much anyone, of any ability, could benefit from training alongside her.

Please click on the adjacent image to view Shannon's Promo.

Having won many major competitions, including the Irish Open in 2014, Shannon decided that she would explore other disciplines and was selected to join the GB Taekwondo team where she furthered her experience and formidable reputation.

Shannon is now following her dreams of becoming a professional boxer and is a face that the whole World will know very soon. Watch this space!

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