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New Content, New Coaches...

With a global unprecedented pandemic keeping many people at home rather than in the gym, we at Fighter Training Online Academy, are preparing new and exciting content from some of the best fighters and coaches in the World to help you keep active and developing at home.

From the amazing Shannon Ryan to Brandon Prince, De-Reece Williams, Marcus Ainsbury and more, over the next 2 weeks we will be bringing these incredible fighters into your home to share their knowledge, skills and experience, helping you to reach your potential.

Shannon won everything there is to win in pointfighting before joining the British Taekwondo Olympic Squad and more recently concentrating on her boxing career. Speed, power, kicks, punches and strategy, Shannon is a formidable force on the mats and in the ring so don't miss this exciting opportunity to train alongside her.

Marcus Ainsbury dominated the UK and Europe's lightweight pointfighting scene for a number of years and and was known for his speed and agility. His drills focus on perfecting a number of counters, fakes and ariel kicks to score maximum points whilst inflicting maximum damage.

Brandon Prince is still at the top of his game and is well known on the WAKO circuit, regularly competing and winning at the highest level of kickboxing. Brandon is a great example of how to combine effective hands and feet to overcome a strong opponent when they least expect it.

De-Reece Williams, although well known in the World of kickboxing having won at the Irish Open, Austrian Classic and more, is now competing on the international WT Taekwondo circuit with Team GB and can be seen using the same devastating kicks that he was known for in kickboxing.

Watch this space for news of more incredible new content coming in the next few weeks.

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