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6 Free bitesize taster courses to get you started
Dominate your opponents!

For years, our team of world champions has been providing martial arts enthusiasts with the highest quality training and support.

We offer free problem solving bitesize courses that cover a wide range of topics, from basic techniques to advanced strategies used by our champion instructors.

At Fighter Training Online Academy, we believe that everyone should have access to the best martial arts training, regardless of skill level, so we are providing you with some free content to help you get started and develop your skills.

The bitesize courses are made up of a small selection of videos from our team of instructors content so you can see their teaching style.
Join our community of martial arts enthusiasts today!

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Blinding Blitz.jpg
Leg Strengthening Drills for Kicks_edite
Building Explosive Power for Point Fighting.jpg
Point Fighting Fakes.jpg
Started from the Bottom (MMA).jpg
Hand Attacks for Point Fighting.jpg
Kick Attacks.jpg
No Way Out (Close Range Strriking).jpg
How to Shuffle with Kicks (2)_edited.jpg
Boxing Essentials.jpg
Kick Like A Girl_edited.jpg
How to Land the Perfect Spinning Hook Kick.jpg
Full Steam Ahead_edited.jpg
Point Fighting Counters.jpg
Advanced Kicking.jpg
Creative Counters (Point-Fighting).jpg
Sport 981 Phase 1 Mobility Stability & Movement.jpg
Blinding Blitz
Blinding Blitz