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Michael Venom Page Online Martial Arts Video Training - Fighter Training Online Academy



Michael "Venom" Page, is an English kickboxer, kung fu fighter, karateka, boxer and mixed martial artist of Trinidadian and Jamaican descent.  He currently fights in Bellator on the MMA circuit and is recognised for his flambuoyant, unorthodox fighting style, which originated from freestyle kickboxing (points fighting) and sport karate.

Michael Page

In this section Michael teaches you some of the techniques that made him such a special fighter in the point fighting world while winning more than 10 World titles.

Michaels background in point fighting is what makes him so exciting to watch as a professional MMA fighter, and has catapulted him to stardom in the MMA world.

Michael teaches you his own tricky mix of techniques and shows you how he adapts them for Mixed Martial Arts.

Francesca Ceci
Francesca Ceci Martial Arts and Online Fitness Training


One of the greatest young female fighters on the circuit today, Francesca, who fights for Team Bestfighter, has an incredibly rounded style making her one of the most complete fighters around with the ability to kick, punch, move and control the pace of a fight.  If your game has a weakness, then she'll find it and exploit it. Admired and analysed by the top male and female fighters alike, there aren't many people in the world with her versatility, work ethic and fighting maturity.  One not to be missed!


Watch these dynamic and no-nonsense drills that helped to make Francesca one of the best female point fighters in the world!

Francesca Ceci Online Martial Arts Video Training - Fighter Training Online Academy

You can fight, but without fitness you will not last long. In this section, Francesca teaches you some of her bodyweight exercises specific to point fighting. These strength & Conditioning drills that she teaches have helped to make her a complete fighter and one of the best in the world.

Toli Kuschnir
Toli Kuschnir Martial Arts and Online Fitness Training


Names and reputations on the current WAKO circuit don't get any bigger than that of Toli Kuschnir.  Head Coach of Fight Smart Kickbox Academy & Team Captain of TopTen Germany, Toli has been fighting at the highest level of competition since 2001 and winning far more than his fair share. Although he has many more titles than can be named here, in the last year alone, he has won Amerikick, The Golden Glove, The Pointfighting Cup, Bestfighter, The Hungarian World Cup, Athens Challenge, The Austrian Classic and the Irish Open. He is ranked No.1 in the World in the -94kg weight category.

Toli Kuschnir Point Fighting Drills

Toli Kuschnir is known and respected around the world for his work ethic and competitive spirit. He has won everything that there is to win and is currently ranked as the World number 1 in the -94 kg point fighting section.

In these videos, Toli teaches you some of the techniques that have made him so successful. 

So, you want to be the best? It’s time to learn from the best!

Toli Kuschnir Fitness Drills for Point Fighting Fitness

In these videos Toli teaches you some of the bodyweight strength and conditioning drills that he uses that make him such a successful competitor.

Jack Felton
Jack "The Ice Man Felton"  Martial Arts and Online Fitness Training



Jack Felton is a multi-time World Champion including the NBL and NASKA.  A specialist pointfighter and member of team 'Allstars', he is regarded one of the World's top fighters of his generation and on the circuit today. It's not often you get to train with someone of this calibre who can raise your game to heights you never thought possible.

Jack Felton Point Fighting Drills

If you do not know who Jack Felton is, you are either new to point fighting, or you have not competed in some of the biggest tournament in the world.

Jack has won everything that there is to win at some point or other. He is also the Team Captain for the world-famous Team Allstars USA.

In these videos he teaches you some of his favourite techniques that made him one of the most successful point fighters of his generation.

Jacks style is very laid back with a lot of emphasis on the basics while adding in the odd flashy technique now and then.

He is called the iceman for a reason!

Shannon Ryan
Shannon Ryan Martial Arts and Online Fitness Training


Formerly a champion kickboxer and then a member of the GB Olympic Taekwondo team.


Shannon is a tremendously talented and dedicated athlete formiddable in any arena. 


She has recently transitioned to boxing where she is already making waves and is expected to be a title contender very soon.

Shannon Ryan Point Fighting (Attacks & Counters)

In these videos Shannon teaches you some of the techniques that made her so successful. Not only in the kickboxing world, but also allowed her to be selected to be a member of the Olympic Taekwondo training academy.

Owen King
Owen King  - Martial Arts and Fitness Videos Online


Owen King is a multi-time World and European champion kickboxer and one of the most respected fight coaches on the circuit today. Originally a Lau Gar Kung Fu practitioner, he went on to train in Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA.


Owen is now the coach for the Fighter Training Performance Centre team and, is one of the coaches for team Top Ten UK.

Owen King Kickboxing Point Fighting Drills

A few partner drills to help you practice your point fighting techniques.

Owen King - Point Fighting Pad Drills

A selection of point fighting pad drills to help you improve your point fighting skills while building up speed, co-ordination and movement.

Owen King Kickboxing Counters to Kicks Roundkick Counters

Fighting a kicker? No problem.

Practice these proven techniques to help you counter even the best kickers! 

Owen King Kickboxing Counters to Kicks Sidekick Counters

Fighting a kicker? No problem.

Sidekicks are probably the hardest kicks to counter in point fighting.

Practice these proven techniques to help you counter even the best kickers! 

Owen King Kickboxing Light Contact Attacking & Counters

In this light contact kickboxing course, I teach you some of my favourite and most successful attacking and counter techniques.

Owen King Kickboxing Light Contact Drills

A selection of light contact pad drills to help you improve your fighting skills while helping your techniques to flow. These drills are great for fighters and for classes as there are a wide variation of techniques and movement. 

These drills will help you to build up speed and fluidity in your training while improving your co-ordination and movement.

Owen King MMA Pad Drills

A selection of MMA pad drills taught by Owen King and demonstrated by UFC veteran Andre Winner.

Owen King Boxing Pad Drills
Boxing for Beginners With Owen King

In this series you will learn head movement. How to increase you punch speed at long and close range and how to develop power in your punches.

Kickboxing for Beginners with Owen King
How to Hold Focus Mitts
Introduction to Self Defence
Gaynor Morgan
Gaynor Morgan - Martial Arts and Fitness Videos Online


Competing at the highest level until 2015, Gaynor Morgan was a well known face at the top of the podium at global prestigious comps such as the Irish open and the Austrian Classics.

Fighting in both points and light contact, she had a reputation for explosive power and a great all-round arsenal that enabled her to come out on top, time and time again, against the World's best.

Gaynor Morgan Point Fighting (How to Fight a Kicker)

Gaynor teaches you her style of how to fight against even the best kickers on the circuit.

Don’t like fighting kickers? Then this section is a must for you.

Mieke Tate
Mieke Tate - Martial Arts and Fitness Videos Online


Mieke Tate (Hink) is a three times (2003, 2005 & 2009) WAKO World Champion, something that no other female fighter has achieved.  Mieke settled in the UK from her native Netherlands in 1997 to pursue her passion in marital arts.  Mieke quickly established herself as a prominent force within Kickboxing in the UK, but has always maintained her links with Holland by representing the Netherlands during her world cup campaigns. Mieke has also studied Wushu, Freestyle Karate and Sport Karate.

Mieke Tate Point Fighting (Kicking Attac

So you want to dominate the competition with kicks just like Mieke did for many years.

Well to do that, you will need to do what Mieke did to become such a dominant force on the circuit.

From her dangerous sidekicks to her feared axe kick, Mieke will show you how.

Andre Winner
Andre Winner - Martial Arts and Fitness Videos Online


Andre Badi Winner is a Grenadian mixed martial artist.


He was a cast member of Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom, reaching the final.


Winner is also a member of Team Rough House.

Andre Winner MMA Padwork Striking Drills

UFC Veteran Andre Winner demonstrates striking on the pads.

Andres style is more deliberate, and power based. He likes to walk his opponent down and control them with strikes.

You will see and learn this in this section.