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Welcome to Fighter Training Online Academy

We set up Fighter Training Online Academy to help people of all levels and abilities to develop and further grow their martial arts skills.

Having trained and competed at the highest level in multiple martial arts since 1986, I went on to become a National coach for a wide range of associations including WAKO, ISKA, WMKF & WKC, ran my own successful martial arts school and worked with a number of pro fighters. I have also competed and coached across a number of different disciplines such as pro boxing, pro MMA, pointfighting, light con and full contact. Over the years, I have constantly been asked for advice regarding training methods, on competitive fighting and pad drills for class content and whilst I love sharing my knowledge and experience, it seemed logical to put it in a format that everyone could use to engage with both me and many of the top fighters from around the World of the past and present.

This led to the development of Fighter Training Online Academy; an online portal where experts, the World over, can provide content, advice and training drills to members looking to improve their fitness, fighting skills, flexibility, speed, strength and versatility. We have many plans for further development of events, seminars, sponsorships, competitions, lots more video content and other surprises so watch this space.

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