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Fitness Courses
&  Nutrition Plans

Bodyweight Blast
8 weeks to the best shape of your life!
Core on the floor.png
Cardio Core.png
8 Different workouts
Each of these workouts are roughly 30 minutes in duration
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Program details

Program goal - to burn calories & blast fat with no equipment - well … using your BODY as your equipment!

Primarily geared to beginner & intermediate fitness levels .. however all fitness levels will enjoy this workout.   - intensification & modifications are offered throughout.

Designed for clients with no equipment. 

Designed for limited space - perfect for home or travel workouts

Program focuses on all training aspects, with each day a different focus -  strength, endurance, power, agility, balance & mobility. With extra core & cardio core days for added fat blasting!

2 phases in this program - 1 month each.  Blast & Double blast!

4 workouts a week through month one, then upping the challenge in the next month to 5 workouts a week with optional doubles.

Program Components

8 follow along workout videos.  These are complete workouts, approximately 30 minutes each, with warm up and cool downs included.


7 Workout ‘summary’ videos that show the moves of the workout, in a much more condensed way.  

8-week calendar (this is a suggested calendar and can be modified to your needs)

Tracking sheets - This program is all about progression! 
These tracking sheets are provided for you to help you see your own progression. 

Tabata Workout Series 
Tabata pcture 20%.png
8 Different Workouts
Lower Tabata
Lower Tabata.png
Upper Tabata
Upper Tabata.png
Cardio Core Tabata
Total Tabata
Cardio Core Tabata.png
Total Tabata.png
Lower Suped-up Tabata
Lower Suped-up Tabata.png
Upper Suped-up Tabata
Upper Suped-up Tabata.png
Cardio Core Suped-up
Cardio Core Suped up!.png
Total Suped-up Tabata
Total Suped-up Tabata.png
There are 8 different Tabata workouts. Each of these workouts are roughly 30 minutes in duration
1: Lower Tabata    2: Upper Tabata     3: Cardio Tabata     4: Total Tabata
5: Lower Suped up Tabata!    
6: Upper Suped up Tabata!    7: Cardio Suped up Tabata!    
8: Total Suped up Tabata!
Program goal
To burn calories & blast fat with no equipment - well … using your BODY as your equipment!

  • Program goal - To build muscle & burn fat!

    Geared to all fitness levels - intensification & modifications are offered through the videos

    Designed for clients with limited equipment - just a set of dumbbells are needed

    Designed for limited space - perfect for home workouts

    Program includes resistance training strength days and cardio HIIT days

    4 workouts a week following a full body split … upper - lower - cardio core - full body

    Includes 3 phases in the calendar … Basic Tabata - Suped-Up! Tabata - and optional Doubles


21 Day Booty Lift
21 Day Booty Lift Photo Small.png
5 Different workouts over 21 days
Booty Burn 26 minutes
ABS & A$& 45 minutes
Booty Build 36 minutes
Booty Burn.png
Abs & A$&.png
Booty Build.png
Guns & Buns 28 minutes
Guns & Buns.png
Roll & Stretch 27 minutes
Roll & Stretch.png

Program details

Program goal - to sculpt & strengthen the booty - to improve aesthetic appearance and to help support the spine.

Program focuses mainly on the glutes, however we do work the full body as well.  Glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, core, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back.  We do touch on it all!

Primarily geared to intermediate fitness levels.  Since this is a very targeted program, it is recommended that users have a fitness base before starting.

Designed for limited space - Perfect for home or travel workouts

Equipment is used in this program. Users are recommended to have mini - loop resistance bands, dumbbells and a foam roller.

This is a single phase program, following a 7 day a week schedule, repeated 3 times. There is a detailed calendar showing the recommended daily workout.

Program components
5 follow along workout videos. These are complete workouts, with warm up and cool downs included.
5 workout "summary" videos that show the moves of the workout, in a much more condensed way.
There is also a 21 day calendar with guidelines to work to.
9 Week Cross Train Challenge
Screenshot (159).png
Screenshot (152).png
Screenshot (160).png
Screenshot (157).png
Program details
The challenge is to get better, stronger, faster & fitter over the 3 blocks (9 weeks) of this program
Challenge yourself, A fit friend, or train together in a group. 
This program is geared towards ADVANCED fitness levels. These are intense high impact workouts.
Designed for limited space - perfect for home workouts - but can be taken to the gym as well.
A set of dumbbells is the only fitness equipment required for this program. Light, medium & heavy. You will also need a timer. (A timer on your phone will be fine)
The fit principles we are training in this program are strength, endurance, speed & power - through cross training protocols such as AMRAP, AFAP, EMOM, Tabata, 21-15-9, 5x5x5 and more!
This is a 9 week schedule that covers a 3 week schedule, repeated 3 times.
There is a detailed calendar showing each days WOD (workout of the day), as well as tracking sheets to clearly see your progress of the challenge.

Program components
18 WOD videos - These videos give basic instructions on the protocol for the day, and show all the moves for the days workout.
Tracking sheets - This is the KEY component of the program that will help you to push yourself and your  limits, and clearly show you your progression and results.
3 Week calendar - The WODS are designed to be done in a particular order. The calendar will help you to stay on track and encourage you to check off each day as you complete it for added motivation and accountability.
Xpress Fit
15 Minutes a day to a fitter you.
Screenshot (117).png
Screenshot (118).png
Screenshot (119).png
Screenshot (120).png
Screenshot (121).png
Screenshot (122).png
Screenshot (123).png
Screenshot (124).png
Screenshot (125).png
Screenshot (126).png
Screenshot (128).png
Screenshot (129).png
Screenshot (130).png
Screenshot (131).png
Screenshot (127).png
Program details
15 quick workouts for the whole body
The goal of this program is to cater for the people that only have a very limited time to workout, as this program is broken down into 15 separate, 15 minute workouts a day.

15 minutes a day to help improve your health (mental & physical) and overall fitness.

Did you know:
A 15 minute workout with just 1 minute at high intensity has the same benefits as 45 minutes of jogging.
15 minutes of strength training 3 times a week, is proven to increase resting metabolic rate. That means massive fat burning even at rest.
Exercise can lower your risk of certain diseases

We all know about exercise and endorphins. But did you know … Science says that just one hour of exercise per week (that’s less than 10 mins a day!) could prevent up to 12 percent of depression cases.

15 minutes is only 1% of our day. And it’s all your clients need to get incredible health and fitness results.

This program is geared to all fitness levels - from beginner to advanced.  There are options of modifications and intensifications throughout the videos.

Designed for limited space - perfect for home or travel workouts - but can be taken to the gym as well.

A set of dumbbells is the only fitness equipment required for this program.  It is also recommended (optional) to have a resistance band, loop resistance bands, and a step (or bench /stable chair).

This is a 4 week program, with 15 unique workouts over 2 phases - Xpress and Xtreme.  All workouts through both phases are about 15-18 minutes each.   There is also a DOUBLES calendar for those clients who want a bit more than 15 minutes.  All workouts are listed out on a detailed calendar showing the workout of the day.

4 Yoga lessons
Screenshot (28).png
Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body.
It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress.
There are 4 Yoga sessions which are:
Morning yoga flow
Afternoon yoga flow
Yoga for desk warriors
Yoga for a restful nights sleep

Morning Flow.png
Yoga for desk warriors.png
Afternoon yoga flow.png
Yoga for a restful nights sleep.png
Stretching & Flexibility
Stretches For The Whole Body.jpg
A good stretching routine will help to reduce the risk of injury, help with ease of movement and aid in exercise and sports
We have 20 short individual  explainer videos that demonstrate specific stretches for the whole body
30 Boxing drills
30 Boxing Drills eBook.jpg
In this downloadable eBook, there are 30 boxing drills to get you started.
The drills in this eBook will give you the confidence to go into a gym and start hitting the heavy bag.

The drills in this eBook start from a beginner level and take you through to an intermediate level.
The drills include:
10 Shadow sparring drills
10 Bag drills
10 Focus mitt drills

Shadow boxing & Bag work boxing drills Demo's
Demonstrations of the Shadow Boxing drills in the eBook 30 Boxing drills
Shadow Boxing Drills.jpg
Owen King (World Champion)
Cameron Cotterill &
Molly Cooper (World Champion)
take you through the shadow boxing drills from the 30 Boxing drills eBook
Demonstrations of the Bag Work Boxing drills in the eBook 30 Boxing drills
Bag Work Boxing Drills.jpg
Owen King (World Champion)
Cameron Cotterill &
Molly Cooper (World Champion)
take you through the Bag work boxing drills from the 30 Boxing drills eBook
Shadow boxing with 1 minute exercises
10 x 2 Rounds of Shadow Boxing with 1 minute exercise between rounds
Boxing 10 x 2 Minute Rounds with 1 Min E
Boxing 10 x 2 Min Rounds with 1 Min Exer
Cameron Cotterill and Molly Coper (World Kickboxing Champion) take you through 10 x 2 minute rounds of the shadow boxing drills from the boxing eBook, with an optional 1 minute of exercise in-between rounds.
Bodyweight fitness drills for point fighting
Toli Kuschnir Fitness Drills for Point F
Francesca Ceci Fitness Drills for Point
In these training programs, 2 world kickboxing champions, Toli Kuschnir (Germany) and Francesca Ceci (Italy) take you through a range of bodyweight exercises that they used to help them dominate the world scene in kickboxing.
HIIT Workouts with Molly & Cameron
Screenshot (36).png
10 Minute HIIT Workout Molly.jpg
15 Minute HIIT Workout Cameron.jpg
10 Minute HIIT Workout Cameron.jpg
20 Minute HIIT Workout Molly.jpg
High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT training.

This type of training can be very demanding on the body and it is recommended that you have a good level of fitness before doing these workouts as they are shorter in duration but much more intense.

The benefits of HIIT training are:
Lower bodyfat
Lower resting heart rate
lower blood pressure
Improved strength
Improved stamina
Your body will continue to burn fat for hours after your workout has finished
plus many more benefits.
Strength & Conditioning
Five progressive Strength & Conditioning programs designed specifically for Martial Arts.
Sport 981 Phases 1 - 5 Functional fitness for martial arts
Phase 1

Mobility, Stability & Movement
Sport 981 Phase 1 Mobility Stability & M
Phase 2 
Mobility, Stability & Movement
Sport 981 Phase 2 Mobility Stability & M
Phase 3
Muscular Development
Sport 981 Phase 3 Muscular Development.j
Phase 4 
Maximal Strength
Sport 981 Phase 4 Maximal Strength.jpg
Phase 5 
Power Development
Sport 981 Phase 5 Power Development.jpg
Strength and conditioning is a perfect way to improve your performance.

The type of strength & conditioning program you do will usually depend on your sport, although a good strength & conditioning training program can translate to major improvements in many different sports.

These types of programs are important for keeping your muscles and joints healthy throughout the year.

Muscle imbalances and joint weaknesses can lead to injuries, so strength and conditioning are great for injury prevention.

It’s much easier to prevent an injury than it is to recover from one.
Below we have a 5 phase Strength & Conditioning program designed for (but not limited to) Martial arts.

Start at phase 1 and work your way through all 5 phases to see and feel huge improvements in your performance.

There are worksheets for guidance, and to track your progress on all 5  phases of the strength & Conditioning programs
Physical activity module
In this Physical activity module, you have 10 information videos that explain everything you need to know to get the most out of your fitness / training routines.
These videos will help you to make an informed choice of which workout / workouts will be best for you depending on your goals.

The physical information videos are:
Physical Activity Introduction
Phyical activity introduction.png
Principles of building muscle
Principles of building muscle.png
Strength Training
Strength Training.png
Physical Activity In Practice
Daily Physical Activity or NEAT
Physical activity in practice.png
Daily physical activity & NEAT.png
Creating an effective workout plan
Aerobic exercise
Creating an effective workout plan.png
Aerobic exercise.png
High intensity aerobic training
High intensity aerobic training.png
Exercise Nutrition
Exercise Nutrition.png
Mental change, Habits, Self monitoring
In this mental change, habits, self monitoring module, you have 4 information videos that can help you achieve a positive mindset. 
Having a positive mindset can help you to achieve your goals..

The physical information videos are:
A winner mindset
A Winner Mindset.png
Goal setting
Goal Setting.png
Laboratory tests
Laboratory tests.png
Nutrition information videos
In this nutrition information section, you have 14 information videos that explain the benefits of the different energy sources, how they play an important role in our day to day lives, and how they can impact our performance.

These videos offer information on what our bodies need to function and perform at their best.

The information in these videos can help you to achieve your goals, whether it is weight loss, tone up, building lean muscle or to build more muscle.

Correct nutrition could be the most important thing that you need to consistently achieve your goals.

The nutrition information videos are:
Protein sources
Protien Sources.png
Artificial sweeteners
Artificial Sweeteners.png
Eating to lose weight
Eating to lose weight.png
Meal timing
Meal Timing.png
Meal preparation
Meal Preparation.png
Common problems
Common Problems.png
Eating outside
Eating Outside.png
12 Nutrition Plans
These 12 Nutrition plans tell you what to eat for each meal to achieve your desired results. They also have an explanation of the plan, and how to work out you TDDE ( Total Daily Energy Expenditure) so that you know how many calories you need to consume to either maintain your weight, increase or decrease your weight depending on your goal of losing weight or building lean muscle.
These nutrition plans are taken from the 12 interactive gym programs.

If you are looking for even better results, why not try the nutrition plan alongside the full gym training program?
The name of the gym program is above the nutrition plan for your reference.
There is also a FREE gym program included in this membership.
Baseline Power program
Metabolic Conditioning.png
Starting Strength program  
Starting Strength Program.png
Starting Lean Muscle Program
Starting Lean Muscle.png
Starting Fat Loss Program
Starting Fat Loss.png
Lean Muscle Program
Lean Muscle Program.png
Final Fat Loss Program
Final Fat Loss Program.png
Beginners Program B
Beginners Program B.png
Beginners Program A
Beginners Program A.png
Metabolic Conditioning  Program
Baseline Power Program.png
Advanced Strength Program
Advanced Power Program
Advanced Fat Loss Program
Advanced Strength.png
Advanced Power.png
Advanced Fat Loss.png
You can also create your own workout by using the hundreds of exercise demonstrations & explanations in the following sections
Screenshot (34).png
Fitness Bodyweight Exercises.jpg
Fitness Barbell Exercises.jpg
Fitness Ball Exercises.jpg
Inspirational Ladies Bodyweight
Fitness Dumbbell Exercises.jpg
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