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Chief Instructor Sensei Phil Davis

My experience in martial arts spans a period of nearly 40 years starting initially in the study of jeet kune do kung fu and later progressed to amateur boxing where I established a record 22 wins and 2 losses over 3 years.


I eventually found my way to WTF Taekwondo and fought for numerous titles including winning various British and European championships. In later years I competed on the free style circuit winning FSK and Combat open titles, eventually I began training in competitive bodybuilding and training at an advanced level in the Notts area .


After a 20 year break I returned to Martial Arts with the intention of fighting for one year to see if I was still good enough. 6 years later and I've won 8 British titles, 2 European and fought for the ISKA World Title in Ireland as part of the English ISKA team in October 2019.

My specialities in terms of coaching and teaching are in kickboxing, sport karate, fight squad management and coaching and shouting a lot whilst making everyone work

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