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Fighter Training Online Academy - Online Marital Arts and Fitness Videos. Subscription service.

Welcome to the Fighter Training Online Academy website

I'm Owen King, and I extend my warm thanks for visiting Fighter Training Online Academy.

The inception of Fighter Training Online Academy stems from my aspiration to assist individuals of all backgrounds and abilities in cultivating self-confidence, achieving peak physical fitness, and nurturing their martial arts expertise.

With a journey in martial arts that commenced in 1986, I've had the privilege of training and competing at the highest levels across various martial arts disciplines. This journey eventually led me to the role of a National coach, serving diverse associations like WAKO, ISKA, WMKF, and WKC.

Over the years, I've secured 4 World titles, 2 European titles, and over 20 British titles. Alongside this, I successfully run my own martial arts school and have collaborated with numerous professional fighters.

My experiences span a wide spectrum of combat disciplines, encompassing professional boxing, MMA, point-fighting, light contact, and full contact.

My tenure in the fitness industry as a personal trainer spanned several years, during which I was consistently sought after for guidance on training methodologies for fitness, martial arts, competitive fighting, and class content involving pad drills. While I always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experiences, it became apparent that presenting this wealth of information in a format accessible to everyone would be the most beneficial approach. This realization led to the creation of Fighter Training Online Academy.

This online platform serves as a hub where experts from all corners of the globe can offer content, guidance, and training routines. Our aim is to empower our members to enhance their fitness levels, fighting skills, flexibility, speed, strength, and versatility. We have ambitious plans for future developments, including  an abundance of video content, and several exciting surprises. Stay tuned for what lies ahead on this journey.

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Owen King

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We have lots of free content to get you started!
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Are you looking for a convenient and effective way to improve your martial arts skills and get into shape?

For years, our team of world champions has been providing martial arts enthusiasts with the highest quality training and support.
We offer free courses that cover a wide range of topics, from basic techniques to advanced strategies used by our champion instructors.
At Fighter Training Online Academy, we believe that everyone should have access to the best martial arts training, regardless of skill level, so we provide free content to help you get started and develop your skills. Join our community of martial arts enthusiasts today!

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Looking for more content?

Keep reading to see how you can access our entire catalogue and take your training to the next level
Fighter Training Online Academy offers the best online martial arts and fitness training courses for you to achieve your goals at affordable prices and offers a wide range of workouts and courses for all skill levels. Taught by experienced instructors, our courses are designed to help you reach your fitness goals and feel your best. With our easy-to-use online platform, you can access our classes from anywhere and at any time. Join the thousands of people who have already achieved their fitness goals with us!
Here are a few of the martial arts styles that you can learn:
Kickboxing: Point Fighting, Light Contact, Full Contact
MMA Mixed Martial Arts
ITF Taekwondo
WT Taekwondo
Thai Boxing Basics
Thai Boxing For MMA
Self Defence

We also have:

Fitness programs.

Strength & conditioning programs

Gym programs

Free weights & exercise demonstrations

Nutrition advice / guides

Healthy recipes to suit all food groups.

And more:

Take a tour of the website by clicking the links and choose the best program that suits you.

How to use the website
If you are a beginner,
To see the beginners instructional martial arts courses click here:
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All beginners courses come with step by step easy to follow instructional videos and a 6 week training plan to take you from a beginners to an intermediate level in just 6 weeks!

If you already know the basics but you're looking for the fastest way to learn a specific skill or technique, you should try the: 
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You will learn specific skills from a variety of martial arts instructors in their own teaching styles.

To see all of the martial arts instructional video content that we have available from top instructors,
lick here:
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 If you are looking to improve your performance while getting into the best shape ever, we recommend looking at our premium membership.
Martial arts, fitness, gym programs, strength & conditioning programs, nutrition plans, healthy recipes and more ready for you to get the absolute best out of your training and go to the next level!
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find your perfect membership below.

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FIghter Training Online Academy - Martial Arts and Fitness Videos
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