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Fighter Training Online Academy - Online Marital Arts and Fitness Videos. Subscription service.

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Owen King

Looking for a convenient and effective way to improve your martial arts skills and get in shape?

Look no further!
Our online martial arts and fitness training website offers a wide range of workouts and classes for all skill levels. Taught by experienced instructors, our classes are designed to help you reach your fitness goals and feel your best. With our easy-to-use online platform, you can access our classes from anywhere and at any time. Join the thousands of people who have already achieved their fitness goals with us!

Here are a few of the martial arts styles that you can learn:
Kickboxing: Point Fighting, Light Contact, Full Contact
MMA Mixed Martial Arts
ITF Taekwondo
WT Taekwondo
Thai Boxing Basics
Thai Boxing For MMA
Self Defence
And more.....

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MMA Striking For Beginners
30 MMA Drills.jpg
MMA Bagwork  drills with Molly.png
MMA Shadow sparring drills with Molly.png
MMA Ground Positions For Beginners
Thai Boxing for Beginners
Introduction to Self Defence

 Beginners Martial arts & Fitness courses
Beginners kickboxing course
Beginners boxing course
Beginners MMA striking course
Beginners grappling positions course
Beginners Thai boxing drills
how to hold the focus mitts
learn skipping
Get access to all of the beginners martial arts courses, and the beginners fitness courses. 
Beginners programs

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How to use the website
If you are a beginner,
Click HERE to see the beginners instructional martial arts & fitness courses.

If you already know the basics but you're looking for the fastest way to learn a specific skill or technique, you should try the BITESIZE MEMBERSHIP
You will learn martial arts skills from different instructors in their own teaching styles.

You may want to set yourself a goal and follow a plan, this is a great way to monitor your progress and development. We have a goal setting worksheet that you can download and fill in to help you track your progress.
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Membership Types

17 Bitesize Courses
Suitable for intermediate to Advanced

Bitesize programs £40
(Suitable for intermediate to advanced level.)
17 Bitesize mini courses
A selection of courses to help you perfect specific drills, techniques and fight moves.
Suitable for intermediate to advanced level martial artists.
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ALL Martial Arts
Suitable for beginners to advanced level martial artists.